Sattu Paratha/Flatbread Recipe

Sattu Paratha (Flatbread) is the most popular dish in the Bihar region of India where it is a staple food. Sattu flour is prepared from roasted black chane (chickpea) and is full of fibre and essential nutrients like protein and complex carbs thus making this one very healthy that can be served for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well.

The health benefits of sattu are so positive that it makes me think of ways to add sattu in everything I cook! The benefits include:

•Amazing for hair and skin
•Instant energy source
•Great for high BP and diabetic patients
•Helpful for aged people
•Cleans the stomach

For making sattu parathas, it has some basic steps as in other stuffed parathas. The recipe is below:

Step 1: Take a bowl and put wheat flour, Ajwain, Kalonji, Ghee, Salt and Water.
Step 2: From the flour, make dough for Paratha.
Step 3: Take another bowl and put Sattu, Ajwain, Salt, Ginger Garlic paste, chopped green chillies and red chilli powder.
Step 4: Also add chopped onions, lemon juice, achaar (pickle) masala and coriander leaves.
Step 5: Mix well.
Step 6: Roll out the dough to make paranthas and fill a portion of sattu (from the mixture in step 3) in the middle.
Step 7: Enfold the filling properly and make flat balls for rolling it again.
Step 8: Heat tawa/pan and cook the paratha from both sides.
Step 9: Apply some ghee over both sides and cook until it becomes golden brown in color.

And it’s ready in no time! It typically takes about 30 minutes to prepare the whole thing from the starting.

Serve these parathas hot with any chutney, curd or achaar (pickle).

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  1. ShankySalty says:

    If you put Asafoetida in stuffing then it should be more delicious. I love this parathaa♥

    1. Yes it tastes great that way also😊