Indian Brown Lentils/Sabut Masoor Dal

Hello everyone!

Here is a recipe for all of you who are fascinated with simple indian home made food. This dish is a staple of most homes in India and is great on taste!

Indian Brown Lentils/Sabut Masoor Dal🤗

What can be more satisfying than a bowl of this dal after a long humid day?😁

Most of us are always looking out for different cuisines to try out at home but the immense joy one can experience with this simple recipe of a dal/lentil is crazy.😊

At times when I have a lot of work to do at home…. I prefer making this dal over all others…easy to cook and dont really feel the need for an additional sabzi for a meal😊

Total time: 50 mins

Prep time: 30 mins

Cooking time: 20 mins

Here is the recipe….Hope you like it😁


•Lentils – 1 bowl
•Ghee – 1 spoon
•Green chilli – 1
•Ginger – 1/2 inch
•Garlic- 2-3 cloves
•Chopped Onion – 1
•Chopped tomato – 1
•Curry leaves- 5-6
•Salt – as per taste
•Turmeric/ Haldi – 1/4 tbsp
•Coriander powder – 1/4 tbsp
•Red chilli powder – as per taste
•Garam masala – A pinch
•Whole cumin – 1 bowl
•Water – 2.5 bowls


•Soak the lentils in water for 30 mins.

•Add ghee, whole cumin, curry leaves, garlic, ginger, green chilli, chopped onion into a cooker.

•Sauté them until it golden brown.

•Add chopped tomato, salt, turmeric, coriander powder, red chilli powder to the sautéd paste.

•Once all the above ingredients sauté well…add the soaked lentils and let it cook.

•Add 2.5 bowls water to it.

•Let all this cook on the cooker until 4-5 whistles.

•Leave it on low flame for 5 minutes and put it off.

•After opening the lid…add garam masala and let it cook for 5 minutes.

•Take a pan…add 1/2 tbsp whole cumin, 1 whole red chilli and temper/tadka it to garnish on the cooked lentils.

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