Suji k Jalebis make it to my blogfinally!!
This was the first time I tried this and loved how fuss free and easy the whole cooking process was!

Here is the recipe:
•Suji 1 cup
•1/4 Atta or maida
•Baking powder 1/2 spoon
•Curd 1/2 cup
•Sugar 1.5 cup
•Lemon juice 1 tbsp
•Orange food colour (optional) – a pinch
•Saffron / cardmom 2-4 •Ghee
Process for the jalebi paste:
•Take a bowl •Add suji
•Then add Atta/maida
•Then add Curd
•Then some Food colour
•Make a thick paste with all the above ingredients and leave for half an hour

Till then prepare the sugar syrup:
•Take a pan and pour 1 cup water and add sugar… let it boil for 5 minutes…check the consistency of the syrup…if its sticky sort of then the syrup is ready

For making the jalebis:
•Take any cone / squeezable bottle
•Pour the batter into the bottle
•Take a pan, pour some ghee and let it heat for a while
•Start making jalebis by sqeezing the bottle in circles •Fry it both sides…jalebi is ready

Pour the jalebis into the sugar syrup and serve